Manuka Royale Brand Story

Our career in athletics that had taken us to the Olympics has ingrained in us the zeal to strive for the highest level. We wanted to transform all our energy into a healthy, life-improving product that would positively impact the planet, the local communities and our customers. Manuka honey therefore was the ideal starting point. It’s the only food that is produced without killing any other plant or animal. We sourced the highest grade UMF certified honey from small local farms in the wild pristine areas where the soil content produces exceptionally high levels of the beneficial nutrients in the honey such as methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), leptosperin.

This was just the starting point. From this foundation we then looked at the whole supply chain for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. The production of manuka honey is generally a low-carbon non-polluting process, and living around the small bee-keeping communities helped us to reduce this further. Manuka Royale is minimally processed to preserve the natural bioactive compounds and beneficial enzymes, which are depleted by heating.

Next we turned our attention to packaging and we sourced BPA-free recycled jars that are made from plastic recovered from the ocean. While shipping from New Zealand to all over the world, we sought to reduce our carbon emission in a way that would benefit our customers. We introduced bulk purchase, which have two-fold benefit. Firstly, the amount of carbon produced to send one jar, to say, USA is roughly the same as eight jars. Secondly, by sending in bulk, the volume allows us to offer a lower cost per jar and also free shipping. A win for the environment and for our customers.

Our brand is new and this is just the start. Having sailed around the world in a small yacht, this is now a new journey for us. Our promise to our customers is that we will stay true to our founding purpose of creating Manuka Royale in a heart-crafted way for the benefit of our planet. 

Wojtek and Elena
Co-founders of Manuka Royale