New Zealand European Union (EU) Free Trade Agreement


Great news for New Zealand heritage and products and for customers all over the world: the New Zealand European Union (EU) Free Trade Agreement finally includes the important recognition that the Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) comes ONLY from New Zealand/Aotearoa.


The importance and use of Mānuka is deeply eradicated since centuries in the Māori tradition, way before scientific studies have proven in recent years the unicity of this honey. Several nations have attempted during the years to produce their own Manuka honey, with questionable approaches and results, creating confusion on the market and between customers who search for pure Mānuka honey.


For EU customers purchasing Mānuka products, this is a huge step in front in terms of guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of these products, 100% sourced and made in new Zealand from genuine Mānuka trees.