Heart-crafted manuka honey - Why should eco-conscious consumers choose Manuka Royale honey?

Why should eco-conscious consumers choose Manuka Royale honey?

There are many manuka honey brands in the market but not all are made equal even within the leading certification brands. In this article we explore some of the key points to consider when choosing a manuka honey brand and how Manuka Royale stacks up.

The reality is that many honey brands are at best far from what they claim and at worst artificial honey. The UMF ™ certificate of quality and levels of the bioactive compounds is just the first step in deciding which brand caters to your needs and is worth your trust. But to get the full picture, let us first understand what is manuka honey and what makes it so exclusive.

What is manuka honey?

Native to New Zealand and parts of Australia, the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) grows in the wild of the region. These bushes flower only once a year during spring/summer, for a very short period, depending on the environmental conditions. Manuka honey is produced from the bees (Apis mellifera) that pollinate these pristine bushes.

What makes manuka honey so coveted?

Manuka honey, packed with beneficial prebiotics, it is a natural energy booster and sweetener. It differs from other types of honey because of its incredible bioactive properties, due to the content of a compound called methylglyoxal (MG or MGO) that is formed naturally in the process of production of the Manuka honey from the bees.

A higher MGO level is therefore directly proportional to higher efficacy of the honey with regards to overall wellness and health benefits. Many scientific studies have found that the high potency (UMF ™ 10 or above) of manuka honey offers relief from certain skin, throat and digestive issues much better than any other type of honey and is used against some bacterial and viral infections or inflammatory status.

How to choose a Manuka honey brand? 

The ‘problem of many’ plagues consumers today. Not all manuka honeys are made equal and the same is true even for UMF certified brands. There are just so many options with varying price-range, attractive packaging and compelling marketing campaigns, that for a consumer it is challenging to identify a trustworthy brand they can resonate with. A brand that not just provides premium quality honey but also ensures that the entire supply chain, the community and the environment are benefitted in the process at every step of the way.


Here are some questions that you can ask as eco-conscious consumer, to give yourself more confidence that what you are buying aligns with your values and needs. 

Is it better for the environment?

Studies reveal that the educated, aware and eco-conscious consumers identify themselves with reversing the rapidly declining climate issues and make their purchase decisions keeping a long-term sustainable environmental goal in mind.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that our wellbeing has to go hand-in-hand with the wellness of Mother Earth. In this light, the last few years have witnessed a surge in demand for organic manuka honey brands that source ethically and package and ship responsibly. At Manuka Royale, our honey is sourced from hives in the remote wilderness of New Zealand without using chemicals or antibiotics in the process.

Does the brand use sustainably produced packaging?

Paying attention to the packaging materials can be a good staring point in the journey of purchase-decision. At Manuka Royale, we ensure that our heart-crafted ethos is reflected in everything we do. Our premium quality Manuka Royale honey is sustainably packaged using BPA free PET recycled material sourced from the ocean in South-east Asia.

What about the carbon-footprint produced while shipping?

Sourcing and processing pure honey ethically while packaging and shipping it sustainably is not enough to ensure a greener and better environment. At Manuka Royale, we offer bulk purchase option for those who would like to incorporate nature’s best into their everyday wellbeing. It has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, it helps reduce carbon footprint from shipping. Secondly, by sending in bulk, the volume allows the company to offer a lower cost per jar and also free shipping. A win for the environment and for our customers.

Is it better for the community?

Brands that have the well being of the community at heart are certainly the one that consumers can trust and be loyal to. Take a deeper look into the brand and what it stands for to identify if its values align with yours. Does it offer fair wage to the beekeepers? Does it give back to the society at large? Chose a brand that gives you an insight into these aspects.

Does the brand take care of the beekeepers’ community?

Beekeepers community is a very close-knit group, almost like a family. It is important for each person involved to be passionate and knowledgeable of the craft. Sourcing honey from local communities has many distinct advantages. It keeps local beekeepers in business and ensures that the whole process is heart craft and following the traditional way of crafting honey.

At Manuka Royale, our core philosophy has the well being of the local Kiwi beekeeper’s community at its heart. We carefully handpick farmers with a true passion for beekeeping-people who love the trade and the bees and nature. This practice goes well with our overall ‘heart-crafted’ approach. It describes the love and passion we put into each step of the supply chain. We work with local beekeepers ensuring they get a fair wage and support the entire community with wholeheartedness and warmth.

What about the community at large?

Does the brand use its profits for the betterment of the society at large?

Manuka Royale understands its social responsibility and supports the Child Care Foundation in New Zealand as an integral part of its heart crafted approach. We provide support to families, parents and children impacted by cancer and stand by them not just financially but also emotionally. 

Does it offer quality you can trust?

Unique Munaka Factor (UMF) is a trademark grading system developed by Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association in New Zealand. For a product to carry UMF™ it must pass the UMF quality, rating and grading tests. The UMF ™ has therefore become synonymous with genuine, quality manuka honey, only from New Zealand. A higher UMF ™ rating (UMF ™ 10+), like the ones Manuka Royale makes, denotes a more potent honey. Under Manuka Royale brand, we offer honey from UMF ™ 10+ up to UMF™ 20+ grade. 

Who are the founders of the brand? What do they stand for?

Elena Brambilla founder and Wojtek Czyz co-founder of the brand are both world-class athletes and former Olympians. They bring their zeal for striving for the best and highest into every journey they embark on. Elena is also a Masters in Biotechnology, Bachelor in Herbal Science and an artist. Her illustrations have personalised the brand further and made it like an extension of her signature, guaranteeing what the brand stands for to be true.


A heart-crafted, quality Manuka Royale honey is distinct in taste and texture.

We believe, it is the first and most preferred choice of eco-conscious honey lovers who will settle for nothing but ethically sourced heart-crafted Manuka Royale honey for their well being, rejuvenating or adding alternate sweetness to their daily lives.